Portugese day


This last weeks have been crazy and full of new experiences!

Last week, on Friday I had the Portuguese Day and we had a lot of kids 😀

I did some cookies and they ended in 10 minutes because the kids loved it! They also loved the traditional Portuguese candy called “Flocos de Neve”. In the background, during the opening time, Portuguese music was playing!

It went really good and we all had a good time!


Now I’m preparing for the Stockholm Arrival Training Course, which is going to happen in 2 weeks. Me and Cyril going to be there for 4 days in an awesome hotel which was previously a jail so we are going to post a lot of pictures of it and our stay there!


Hej då!




Meet Cyril

Hello, first I will introduce myself. I´m Cyril I come from Nice, in France. I like Football, chicken and watermelons. Nice is situated next to Italy, in the south of France and some people in Nice speak Italian better then french, but me not, I don´t have the time.

Nice on morning

(credits  : myself)

image003   image001

I arrived on the 6th september, I live now in a confortable flat in rannebergen. I think rannebergen is a charming little society, so quiet and so close to nature. This is a luck  to live close to a natural park.  During my first days, I visited Angered and Gothemburg, and discovered so much cool places.


For example, this lake, that can be seen from my windows. Pretty nice and full of animals (Ducks, Birds, Insects, Dogs, Fish)










That´s the church Oscar Fredrik, build in honour of your ex-king Oscar II. It´s like your eiffel tower but without the keychain sellers








Now let´s talk about my first month in Fjället. Last Thursday we had ”pizza night”, we organised a pingis tournament, and the winner got a price. We played some cards games to.


(Me ending up a friendship)








Friday we organised the french day, it was a day who introduce France to the kids. We played some French traditionnal games. And, the most important thing we realised a chocolate mousse. Kids loved it, and they wanted more.


Superchocolate mouss


  • 800% chocolate
  • 800% sugar
  • 100% Eggs
  • 900% Taste





Next we will talk about my life in sweden, will I survive of cold ? Will I see the sun again ? Will I fall and die in the snow ? Stay tuned !



I’m José and I will be your blogger for the next 11 months, along with my French friend Cyril.


We came here in the 6th of September and we had this awesome view from the window of our apartment! The flight was long (I went from Porto to Frankfurt and then to Gothenburg) but at least I stayed on the window side during both flights ahaha!


We went to Gothenburg (Göteborg) during the weekend and we were mesmerized by the beauty of the city and the cleanness and the architecture as well!


We got to try and experience the Fika! It’s a tradition here in Sweden, where you socialize while eating something sweet, in our case a Kanelbullar, which is awesome and it tastes like cinnamon!


Also the days here have been very sunny and warm, so it’s improving our expectations a lot!


Anyways, we have to go to work now! See you next week!


Hej då!


Hi there! :)

Since the last time I wrote alot of thing have happened in our EVS 🙂

We had some activities like quizzes, t-shirt painting, a barbecue, and even some misterious QR-codes spread around Fjället. Those who were curious learned that they were about bullying, and how we need to pay attention in order to prevent bullying from happening.


We also had our mid-training for the EVS, which means that me and Emeline went to Stockholm to meet other volunteers and some trainers for 3 days. We shared our experiences, we made some nice exercises and we had a really good time together!

Midtraining grupo de voluntariosWP_20160310_10_57_01_Pro

I also had some friends and family that came from Portugal to visit me, and with them I had the opportunity to go to Oslo and Tallinn, to really nice cities that are not so far away from Gothenburg.


And now that we have Vippen open, we have alot of nights with games like Just Dance, Singstar and Trivia! It has been very funny and Fjället has been full of youths, which has been great!


Finally, Spring started to come. We had the Easter, with the houses with coloured feathers, something I had never seen!


And the sun came, which means everyone is outsider enjoying every little bit of sunshine! 🙂


This is us in Brunssparken, enjoying the sun like true swedes!

Vi ses sen!