It’s been a long time sorry ! But good news we made some graffiti paint at Fjallet with the youth, so fun and cool ! The youth creat amazing paint by them self i’m so impressed and pround of them (i was the teacher normal ahaha) well well, here you can see some pictures of them making the chef-d’oeuvre !DSC_0046 DSC_0052 DSC_0054 DSC_0057DSC_0056


Hello from Fjället!

Today I have a lot of things to tell you about these times in Fjället! We had alot of activities happening.

On December we organized a Julpyssel day where people from Rannebergen could come and make some christmas postcards, boxes, candles and balls for the Christmas tree. It was a very nice day!

DSC_0138.NEF DSC_0141.NEF


DSC_0155 DSC_0161.NEF

DSC_0164 DSC_0166.NEF


After Christmas we have had some activities and some nice nights full of games. Here are some pictures:


(We have new hats!)





This week we had a chocolate salami workshop, where I teached how to cook it, and this was the final result:

And on week days we started having some fika regularly for our visitors:

Finally, I made the first video about our work in Fjället, take a look!

So this is what has been happening in Fjället for these days. Now Emeline went to France for some weeks, and I will be having some portuguese friends with me, who will also come to visit Fjället, so you will have the chance to meet new people soon.

We also had alot of snow in the last week, but now everything melted, and we are back to warmer temperatures. The days are already bigger so for me, these have been some nice times around here, being able to play in the snow and also enjoy the longer days.

Stay tunned for more updates, there will be more videos coming, and new activities soon!


Hi !

So being in sweden for winter it’s an amazing and intresting experience ! First thing that is nice it’s the snow ! A lot of snow, and none transport stop and that really nice, in my small frenchie town when we have 2cm of snow everything is close and there is no transport most of the time.
The cold is difficult we got -20 c !! For girls like use it was horrible, we never been in such a cold. But the god thing is YOU ENJOY THE THEA AT HOME ! Well i took some picture of the beautifull lake of Rannebergen so you can see a bit how it’s look with snow, and the lake was frozen and we could make some ice skating ! 🙂




Dobar dan! (God dag!)

Snart är det jul och jag har snart spenderat hela fyra månader i Kroatien.Här kommer en liten summering av vad som har hänt i mitt lilla liv:

Screen Shot 01-06-16 at 01.12 PMScreen Shot 01-06-16 at 01.13 PMI början av december blev jag bjuden på middag, då det enligt tradition är Svinokolje (dags att säga hejdå till grisen). Några timmar senare serverades hemmagjord korv på bordet.

Screen Shot 01-06-16 at 01.13 PM 001Den 8e december fyllde Lepoglava år och vi var inbjudna till att fira med en stor buffé av mat.

Screen Shot 01-06-16 at 01.13 PM 002Min tyska vän hade fått ett pepparskaks hus på posten, så jag och några vänner var inbjudna till att bygga ihop det, lyssna på julmusik från alla världens hörn och dricka kuhano vino (liknande glögg). Julmys på högnivå! Det tackar vi för!

Screen Shot 01-06-16 at 01.13 PM 003Vår mentor bjöd med oss till restaurang Bedem som ligger i staden Varazdin( ca. 25 km från Lepoglava). Vi bjöds in till en riktig mat fest. Traditionsenlig mat serverad på ett väldigt kreativt komponerat vis. Det lär bli många fler besök!

Screen Shot 01-06-16 at 01.13 PM 004

Den 10e till 14e december åkte jag till Slavonski Brod, för att volontärarbeta på ett flyktingläger. Jag åkte dit via en organisation som heter CMS (Centra za mirovne studije). Fem intensiva dagar som gav en mängder med nya intryck. Fem dagar av att försöka sprida så mycket glädje som möjligt. Alla kan vi göra något!

Snart är det jul och den ska jag spendera i Lepoglava, jag har en fullspäckad julvecka framför mig…Men mer om den nästa gång!

Till sist vill jag passa på och önska er: Sretan Bozic (God Jul) och Sretan nova godina (Gott nytt år!!).



Travelling to Lapland


Last week I went to Lapland and it was a really awesome trip!
I spent 24 hours on the train and I finally arrived to Kiruna, the northest city in Sweden. It was a really really beautiful place. It was covered in snow – that was a big big amount of snow! – and it looked like I was inside a Christmas postcard.

Then I went from Kiruna to Rovaniemi, in Finland (10 hours travelling from one place to another), and I went to the Santa Claus Village and met the real Santa Claus! It was very nice, and he even knew how to speak swedish!
I felt like I was living a dream. Coming from Portugal, I had never seen snow like this, and I always dreamed about Lapland. It felt like a magical place. I could see the reindeers, huskies, and so many beautiful forests all covered in snow. It was one of the best travels in my life, and I really felt in an adventure travelling from train to train, hostel to hostel, backpack with me and a lot of snow and Christmas spirit ahead. It was great!
12291933_10208286559185203_9173593911759556910_o (1)
Now I am back to Fjället and Christmas is starting to come around here! We already have stars and candles on the windows. I must say that this is a Nordic tradition, the stars and the candles at the windows, and it is really beautiful. And today we even have sun, which makes everything look even more beautiful!

And we have Liseberg på Jul, that is so beautiful. I went to see the ice skating show of Hans Och Gretel, and you can also see reindeers there, and alot of cute Christmas lights everywhere!

After I came back, we had a Christmas party with the people from our swedish lessons and it was really funny. We eat food from different places of the world, and we danced alot. We also sang a song for our teacher to thank her for all the help she gives us, she is a really nice person! The song was called Sverige, and is sang by Kent.


Vi ses!