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Mitt namn är Sanja och jag är EVS-volontär, i en liten stad i norra Kroatien som heter Lepoglava.

Här har jag nu varit i två månader av tio totalt. Organisationen jag arbetar för heter NUM (Nezavisna udruga mladih), det är en ungdomsorganisation som fokuserar på att skapa projekt för att främja ungdomars behov i regionen.

Under mina två månade här har jag hunnit med en hel del fantastiska upplevelser.

Jag har utforskat min omgivning på hemmaplan, men också hunnit resa runt lite grann.

Jag har mött människor från större delen av Europa och det har varit berikande på så många sätt. Alla har vi våra unika historier att berätta och jag är så glad att jag får en chans att ta del av detta. Det ger en nya perspektiv, får en att tänka i andra baner och öppnar upp för nya reflektioner.

Jag ser fram emot att fortsätta min upptäcktsfärd på en av mina största äventyr hittills!


Workshops, workshops, workshops… :)

Hej everyone,

Here we are again to update you. Last week Emeline went to France, that’s why you didn’t get any news from us. But she brought some delicious souvenirs from France, so who was here yesterday was able to taste her delicious chocolates from Marseilles!
This week we are having a full week – yesterday we had two workshops! There are moments when nothing happens, and then there are other moments when everything happens at the same time!

We had four architecture students from Chalmers to talk to the kids about Rannebergen and what would they change here if they could. These students will take these ideas to those who make the decisions about the space, and it was a great opportunity for the kids to understand that they have a voice and that they can be heard in what they want to see in Rannebergen.




We also had an origami workshop yesterday where the kids could learn how to make flowers and birds from paper. I don’t think everyone was so interested in learning, but some wanted to learn how to make birds, so I teached how to make some of the classic origami birds. It was a cozy evening.

Some weeks ago we also had a sunny day (yes, they are starting to get rare around here!) so I went to Marstrand, an island in the north of Gothenburg with amazing landscapes.


And this were the main things from these weeks. We are getting close to Christmas, so we will have a lot happening in Fjället on the next weeks.

Vi ses snart


October Updates


So much stuff has happened these days that I don’t even know where to start!

For me, it has been one month and a half since I came to Sweden. It seems like I am here for 1 year, and at the same time, that I arrived 1 week ago. But no, it has been 1 month and a half surrounded by these nice people, by these beautiful landscapes and of course, by the amazing youths that come to Fjället everyday!

Last week we were finishing the staff’s wall with our photos, here is the result:


I really like the result. And now we have a new colleague in Fjället – Vincent!

This time of the year is also time for “castanhas”. I learned that in Sweden it isn’t very common to eat them, but my family sent me some portuguese “castanhas”, so everyone has been trying new flavors in Fjället. Here are some photos from yesterday:


Last week it was the kid’s holidays ”Höstlov” and during that week some diferent activities happened. One of my favorites was the quizz night, where everyone listened to a music from a movie and had to guess what movie belonged to.


The weather is starting to get colder and rain is starting to be a constant presence. Days are also starting to get shorter. Still, everything is so beautiful even with the rain, we live surrounded by nature, that is one of my favorite things in Rannebergen. Everyday I keep discovering new places, two days ago I discovered Angered Stadspark, and the Kulturhuset in Angered, which are very nice spaces. And of course, we also had Halloween some days ago, and beside the disco in FJället, me and Emi went to a party with some friends. We were really scary!


About my adventures outside Fjället, two weeks ago I decided to visit the south archipelago of Gothenburg, so I went to Brännö and Vrångö. These are beautiful islands, so quiet and calm, a totally new place for me, I had never known anything like that. The islands don’t have any supermarkets, in Vrångö I could just see a coffee. It is really to live in the middle of the nature. It was also very nice to be on the sea, that is one of the things that I most miss from Portugal.





This month we have new activities coming, so we will keep you updated!


Hej !

This week was crazy ! Everybody was exited for Halloween (even me it’s my favorite day!) I learn so much fro the youth this week, they can be really organised and so sweet with the youngers. I’m really pround of them, every day it’s a new experience with them ! I learn so much from them, it’s just a pleasure to work with them ! They try to talk with us even if they don’t know how to speak english they try and it’s amazing.

Here you have some picture from the halloween party !

12180134_10208126408421534_87942795_n 12202260_10208126408501536_372037381_n



Portugisisk Dag – ”Dia Português”

Hej everybody!

I hope you are having a nice week.

Last week we had the portuguese day. We had some portuguese food called ”croquetes”, with tomato rice, ”chouriço” and chocolate salami. We also had portuguese musics and we wrote some portuguese typical sayings on the wall.




It was a nice night and I think we all loved the food.

Last week it was also my brithday, and everyone was so nice to me. I bring some cakes and received some nice presents!


received_481771778668496received_481771782001829foto 3

As you can see, it was a nice week full of food! 🙂
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