Portugisisk Dag – ”Dia Português”

Hej everybody!

I hope you are having a nice week.

Last week we had the portuguese day. We had some portuguese food called ”croquetes”, with tomato rice, ”chouriço” and chocolate salami. We also had portuguese musics and we wrote some portuguese typical sayings on the wall.




It was a nice night and I think we all loved the food.

Last week it was also my brithday, and everyone was so nice to me. I bring some cakes and received some nice presents!


received_481771778668496received_481771782001829foto 3

As you can see, it was a nice week full of food! 🙂
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We were in Stockholm ! An amazing city, and week with this crazy EVS ! like us !

They are living in other city, not so close from Gotenborg.. that make me sad cause, i realy like them ! Well, there are from Germany, Grece, Spain, Czech Republic, Serbia, Italia and yes Elsa from portugal and me the Frenchie (this word don’t realy exist whatever) Girl !




Hej Sweden!

We are Elsa and Emeline, Fjället’s EVS volunteers. This is us:


We came from Portugal (Elsa) and France (Emeline). We just arrived in Sweden at the middle of September and we have been having a great time here.

Fjället is a super cozy place and we are so lucky to be here for this year. In this blog we will write our adventures and share our experience here with you.

I hope you like to read it!


Vi ses

Elsa & Emeline