First Entry in the EVS Log – Fjället Hello, My name is Gonçalo Carita, I’m a 25 years old volunteer from Portugal. I’m doing an EVS Program in Sweden, at Kooperativet Fjället.

Why am I doing an EVS Program? Glad You asked. I needed a new challenge in my life, and the opportunity of becoming a volunteer seemed to be the right decision, I’ll be able to grow as a Person with this experience. I arrived in Sweden on 25th of October 2017. I was ready to start my new life as a volunteer. The first week and a half was the settle down period. For me was something completely different, the Language and what I was supposed to do. I’m quite a shy person, so having to work and interact with kids and youth was going to be a challenge. Started speaking with the kids to let them know who I was and what I was doing here, but for them was weird to see a new person just wondering around the place, and they are shy as well. As the days passed, I was more comfortable with the kids and started doing some activities with them such as, Playing Ping-Pong, Playing card games like UNO and 4 in a row.

In my second week, we went to Liseberg, an Amusement Park in Gothenburg, for Halloween. I had a good time there even though I had to ride rollercoasters which I completely hate… I don’t like heights ok? But Liseberg was the turning point in my experience here in Sweden. I talked a lot with the kids who went there and it was the opportunity for them to know me.

One day Sven showed me the attic, some years there.



I’ve been to the Portuguese Club in Gothenburg, which was a good help to settle down in this new country and to know some more people outside of work. I’ve been to the city a few times and I can say I really enjoyed.


In General, it was a really good month. The people I work help me whenever they can so I have nothing to say against them. Hoping the new months will be like this or Better.