Hi there! :)

follow site Since the last time I wrote alot of thing have happened in our EVS 🙂

http://lavoixduyemen.com/en/tag/ibrahim-mothana/ We had some activities like quizzes, t-shirt painting, a barbecue, and even some misterious QR-codes spread around Fjället. Those who were curious learned that they were about bullying, and how we need to pay attention in order to prevent bullying from happening.


We also had our mid-training for the EVS, which means that me and Emeline went to Stockholm to meet other volunteers and some trainers for 3 days. We shared our experiences, we made some nice exercises and we had a really good time together!

Midtraining grupo de voluntariosWP_20160310_10_57_01_Pro

I also had some friends and family that came from Portugal to visit me, and with them I had the opportunity to go to Oslo and Tallinn, to really nice cities that are not so far away from Gothenburg.


And now that we have Vippen open, we have alot of nights with games like Just Dance, Singstar and Trivia! It has been very funny and Fjället has been full of youths, which has been great!


Finally, Spring started to come. We had the Easter, with the houses with coloured feathers, something I had never seen!


And the sun came, which means everyone is outsider enjoying every little bit of sunshine! 🙂


This is us in Brunssparken, enjoying the sun like true swedes!

Vi ses sen!