In Norway

buy Lyrica online cheap uk Hej, hu mar du ? It’s Cyril again, and i twill be my writting for the evs blog for the period of 21th november until 28th november. It was not the most active week in my work, but we get some day off, good occasion to take à 24h nap. And, above all, to continue my visit of the north europa, next step, Norway. But, for the beginning, let’s talk about my second project in my work (kooperativet fjället). It was a degustation of some crêpes, french speciality, honestly, it w as not so much a succees, for some reason :

  • Maybe the communication around (my poster) was not so good, so we don’t get so much kids, (specials thanks to my bro Kim, always here in hard times)
  • Unfortunatelly I missed a little my receipe, i’ve thinked about that, it was about flur (too much), but Kim get one of them and he told me that’s was good, so 10% succes it’s a beginning

Maybe for my next project i have to stay far from the kitchen, so yes it sounds good.

The rest of the week was some kind of quiet, i wish a good retablishment to our teammate jenny who’s sick. And hope she can get back soon.

So, now let’s talk about norway. It was amazing, and i’m thinking actually of organised a travel with kids, i need time to plan that good (and help plz), cause i twill be hard, and it have to be secure for kids. But I really want to do that, cause I know how travel can change you’re minds and open new horizons (especially for kids). And as Sven said « One of the goals of the kooperatvet fjället is to send the kids out of angered » maybe it was more about sending them to an EVS project, but I think it will be a good beginning, who can give the travel taste to the kids.

I was in Oslo during the week of 16 to 20th november. My challenge was to visited all the cool places without google map, with just a paper plan, and it was a succes.

First I visited the national opera, build in 2008, it’s a modern structure who takes place in a kind of new « city » of oslo, like we can find in London, or in Paris (La Défense). So it’s really amazing to see how modern architecture is combined with old building, but it was a bit weird. At least it was organised, not as I seen in Bucharest. The modern buildings take a special place in the city, so we can’t write about a « mix », it’s more an add-on.

After I visited the Akershus castle, and the museum of national army of norway

It was interesting, this was a resume of all war of norway, this country takes part in so much war it’s amazing. I see many many beautiful old weapons.

After crossing the city randomely, I finished to meet some graffers, and find a beautiful neighbourg similar to christiana in copenhagen. Governement of norway give them free wall to paint and express their mind, cool stuff.

Stay tunned, for new adventures ! hej da