Meet Cyril

Hello, first I will introduce myself. I´m Cyril I come from Nice, in France. I like Football, chicken and watermelons. Nice is situated next to Italy, in the south of France and some people in Nice speak Italian better then french, but me not, I don´t have the time.

Nice on morning

(credits  : myself)

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I arrived on the 6th september, I live now in a confortable flat in rannebergen. I think rannebergen is a charming little society, so quiet and so close to nature. This is a luck  to live close to a natural park.  During my first days, I visited Angered and Gothemburg, and discovered so much cool places.


For example, this lake, that can be seen from my windows. Pretty nice and full of animals (Ducks, Birds, Insects, Dogs, Fish)










That´s the church Oscar Fredrik, build in honour of your ex-king Oscar II. It´s like your eiffel tower but without the keychain sellers








Now let´s talk about my first month in Fjället. Last Thursday we had ”pizza night”, we organised a pingis tournament, and the winner got a price. We played some cards games to.


(Me ending up a friendship)








Friday we organised the french day, it was a day who introduce France to the kids. We played some French traditionnal games. And, the most important thing we realised a chocolate mousse. Kids loved it, and they wanted more.


follow link Superchocolate mouss


  • 800% chocolate
  • 800% sugar
  • 100% Eggs
  • 900% Taste





Next we will talk about my life in sweden, will I survive of cold ? Will I see the sun again ? Will I fall and die in the snow ? Stay tuned !