Nytt från Debora

purchase cheap online Deltasone Six months now that I am in Sweden, who would have believed it !!!


I survive the snow and the minus degrees.

One of the things I enjoy the most about here in Sweden is that there are special days for eating pastries and I really like that habit.

Gothenburg is a cosmopolitan city with a large number of French people among a multitude of other nationalities. It’s a more dynamic city than I pictured it during the first few months I landed. There are always interesting activities or cultural events.



The area where I spend most of my free time is on the side of Jarntorget, it’s my favorite neighborhood. There are some restaurants including ”Le Pub” which is not so Frenchy but at least they do a very good rissotto :). we can also find bars, concert halls and show and two three cinemas. You may have guessed it but I spend time there especially in the evening. Saturday afternoon I go to the art museum and I drag in the section of French artists.

My sister and a Friend came for the christmas holidays, it was great, very funny. We visited Oslo ( the transportation to go in the country around Sweden is cheap compare to France).

Some time I hang out with my Swedish  teacher, she always has funny earring. She  is nice.


As for work, I’m not going to lie the beginning was not easy especially because of the language I think. Today it is much better, it is an instructive environment on the personal level, I learned a lot about me (about the person I thought I was and who I really am.

Must of the time,  I play a lot ping pong ”pingis” in Swedish and skip-bo (I think I have an addiction for this game). A few days ago we went seeing an ice hockey match. It was a first for me and I validate it 100%. we went to the bowling my team didn’t win but anyway it was great, one of the kid in the other team made like 5 strike :/ .

What more can you say? A lot. But it will be for the next time.