Visiting Stockholm

follow link Ok, now there is a new part of the blog. How are you ? You can´t answer but good I hope. Let me introduce you to my visit of Stockholm first. We was in Stockholm last week, to take part of the EVS training. And now you think what is the EVS training, no ?

get link EVS training is like a meeting, with many young volunteer like me and Jose (but not cool as us) who take part on a EVS project. You know probably that I come from France, and Jose from Portugal. We are here to work for one year in Fjället, taking care of you, kids. So we meet some people  who are doing the same job, but in different cities in Sweden.

Ok, now, let`s talking about Stockholm. First, it`s a very beautiful city, maybe one of the most beautiful that I`ve visit. Some beautiful building, and an old architecture in couple with modernity.

Some photos



After that, I visited the archipelago close to Gothemburg, Bränno and Björkö, this was my first contact with the snow in Sweden. It was really really cold, more than gothemburg, but very quiet and beautiful. People here are a little different then the ones in Gothemburg, it seems they live like a small community. Find a nice point of you, I don`t remember the name so sorry.

Some photos

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After in Fjället, during the girls night of Wednesday, we had  the luck of have a lunch prepared by Elin. It was chicken cooked with two different sauce, one based on pepper, and another one based on cream. It was really good and the chicken was perfectly cooked.

Elin at work


And the final result










Next week we will talk about the mafia game who will take place in Fjället this week and the victory of France against Sweden, thank you for your reading stay tunned au revoir